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A power station stack as seen on a drone inspections mission

Drone Inspections

Spoiler alert: we're not drone pilots. We're professional engineers who have learned to fly drones really well. If you have a space or asset which needs to be inspected using cutting-edge technology such as LIDAR, 3D video, thermal imaging, or just ultra hi-res photography, you're in the right place.

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A detailed 360 inspection by a professional engineer.

Full disclosure: this is not just photos taken from the sky. Our operators are all experienced, professional engineers who can work to a brief to give you the information you need. Industrial, commercial, agricultural or residential assets. Just tell us what you need to know and we will deliver comprehensive deliverables customised to your precise specifications. Working silently overhead, drones are very safe and require little to no downtime.

What are you looking for?

What is a drone survey, exactly?

A drone survey delivers similar (albeit more accurate) results to a traditional land or property survey. The main difference is that the process is conducted from above using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or 'drone'. Photographing and measuring the terrain from multiple angles, our drones take thousands of highly accurate measurements before tagging the resulting images with coordinates. Using this data, we use specialist software to produce high-resolution maps, geo-referenced orthomosaics or 3D models.

Not just photos Our Inspection Services

Spoiler alert: we're not drone pilots. We're professional engineers who have learned to fly drones really well. If you're looking for a photo of your garden or a swooshing shot of your wedding reception, we're probably not the right people for you. But if you need an engineer's eyes and brain, combined with next-generation UAV technology and ready-to-roll deliverables, then you've come to the right place.

Thermal Imaging

Detect abnormalities within your assets that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

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Internal Confined Spaces

Mitigate the risk factors of traditional confined space inspections, without compromising on quality.

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Drone Photography

Capture high-quality imagery of your assets from never before seen vantage points.

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3D LIDAR Surveys

Record incredibly detailed elevation data to aid in ultra-precise measurements and calculations.

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Capture real-world locations and assets digitally, for quicker and more cost-efficient inspections.

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Volume Calculations

Take accurate stockpile measurements faster and with little to no downtime, at a fraction of the cost.

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Cut and Fill

Receive instant and actionable cut-and-fill data, without downtime or the risk of human error.

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What can drone inspections detect?

Agriculture defects

Scan and monitor large areas of farmland to quickly assess data such as slope variation and sun exposure.

Air leaks

Find and fix air leaks to preserve your building's performance, energy efficiency and air quality.

Coastal changes

Find changes and irregularities to coastal landscapes that would otherwise remain invisible.


Find delamination in concrete structures with little to no downtime. Quick, reliable and cost-effective.

Energy loss

Identify and resolve potential problems with electrical distribution equipment before they lead to failure.

Erosion/corrosion issues

Easily locate and isolate any areas of your asset that have been affected by erosion or corrosion.

Gas leaks

Using thermography, it's easy to detect gas leaks which are harmful to human health and the environment.

Insulation coverage

Combined with thermal imaging, easily locate cold spots or poor insulation coverage.

Solar panel defects

Keep your photovoltaic array running safely and efficiently by finding and fixing issues in your solar cells.

Underwater issues

Using LIDAR can locate shortcomings or defects that would otherwise be invisible underwater.

Water leaks & damage

Find and eliminate moisture intrusion to prevent rot and health problems associated with mould and mildew.

Much more

The applications of drone inspections in domestic and industrial environments are almost limitless. Ask us what it can do for you.

A thermal inspection being carried out on a commercial building

Thermal imaging

Drone Thermography

Typically, the source of water damage, heat loss, cold spots, etc, is not immediately apparent, and can often be totally invisible to the human eye. Using drones equipped with thermal imaging capabilities allows you to uncover these flaws while saving time and money, and avoiding disastrous repercussions.

Thermal Imaging
A wind turbine in high-resolution as seen from above

4K Images & Video

Drone Photography

In addition to quadrupling the resolution of an HD camera, 4K also gives you quicker frame rates, incredible contrast variations, and expanded colours. VR video takes the level of immersion and clarity to the next level.

Images & Video
A man with a confined space drone getting ready to do an inspection

Confined space

Tanks, silos and chimneys

We have state-of-the-art drones which are designed to fly in small, internal spaces where it is difficult, dangerous or costly for humans to gain access. Using cutting-edge technology, these confined space drones will not touch any internal surface, but can give a detailed high-definition view of what can be seen inside.

Confined space inspections

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