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Bob Foley - Owner and Director of Engineers With Drones

Bob is an EASA B1 licensed aircraft engineer and co-founder of Engineers With Drones. He has spent 15 years working in the aviation sector and is an expert in electromechanical equipment and control systems. Bob is a highly technical engineer and has a very broad knowledge base. He holds qualifications in both mechanical and electrical disciplines.

Bob is an experienced manager of technical projects, safety-critical infrastructure and in the management of teams. His years in the industry have solidified both his engineering and management skills.

He also has extensive experience managing inspection & examination programmes for critical systems.

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Steve O' Keeffe - Owner and Director of Engineers With Drones

Steve is a Mechanical Engineer and co-founder of Engineers With Drones. He has over a decade of experience in renewables and power generation sector, and prior experience in the construction, marine, and oil and gas industries.

Steve is a multi-disciplined engineer with a keen understanding of building and structural design, and has excellent knowledge of a broad range of mechanical and electrical systems.

Of the years spent in construction, industrial, and oil and gas sectors, he has had exceptional exposure to each of the core engineering disciplines - from aspects of design, to ongoing maintenance and operations.

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Robbie Booker - Project Engineer at Engineers With Drones

Robbie is an Electrical Engineer with a BEng in Marine Electrotechnology. He also has prior experience in the Security installation Industry. He is now a Project Engineer with Engineers With Drones.

He spent 8 years working as an Electro Technical Officer onboard various cruise ships. This includes the world’s only ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2. As a second officer on the QM2 he managed the operation of complex electrical systems.

Robbie has extensive experience managing technical, time and cost critical projects. He is also seasoned in the management of staff and third-party contractors. Robbie has expert knowledge of the workings of power generation and electrical equipment.

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