An Underwater Inspection with an ROV Drone of a pump impeller

Underwater Inspection with an ROV drone Underwater surveys of tanks, ships, bridges, culverts, piers and other marine assets.

Submersible drones are the future of underwater inspections

Previously being the territory of divers, Underwater inspection with an ROV drone are now more often assigned to modern efficient micro-ROVs. Without the risk to human life and at a fraction of the cost of sending divers down, this makes sense. There is no compromise on quality either. Our submersible drone service is the quickest, safest and most cost-effective method to gather information on your underwater assets Our team of experienced and certified operators is equipped with the latest technology in ROVs to perform detailed inspections of pipes, tanks, bridges, piers, dams and other marine infrastructure, all while minimizing risk to personnel and saving you time and money.

A broken cast iron bracket being inspected
Visual inspections

Visual inspections

Underwater ROVs are equipped with high-quality cameras that capture real-time video footage of underwater structures and equipment. The operator can control the ROV's movement and orientation, allowing for detailed inspections of underwater assets.

A close up image of a bolted flange joint on an under water pipe
Infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure inspection

ROVs are used for the inspection of underwater infrastructure such as tanks, water works, bridges, dams, and ports. These inspections help identify potential issues such as cracks, corrosion, and damage, enabling timely repairs and maintenance to ensure the safety and longevity of these structures.

An underwater image of a grating being inspected
Increased safety

Increased safety

Using an underwater drone for inspections eliminates the need for human divers to go into the water, which can be dangerous in certain environments. ROVs can operate in harsh conditions such as strong currents, low visibility, and extreme depths, without putting human divers at risk.

An image of a missing fastener on a pen stock gate actuation rod


ROVs are a cost-effective solution for underwater inspections as they eliminate the need for expensive dive equipment and can be operated remotely, reducing the need for a large team of divers and support personnel.

Why choose us?

Qualified engineers

As licensed engineers, we also provide the expertise, understanding, and knowledge necessary to carry out a thorough inspection, with deliverables to match. Our skilled engineers are at the ready.

IAA certification

The Irish Aviation Authority has awarded Engineers with Drones full approval in accordance with the most recent European-wide EASA regulations.

Latest technology

To ensure that you always get the best possible service and cutting-edge deliverables, we purchase the most up-to-date drone technology as soon as it's available.

Rigorous HSSE standards

The operation of Engineers With Drones is governed by a comprehensive HSSE system. Our guiding principles are to reduce risk through rigorous assessment, and to maintain a high level of staff education and training.

Fully insured

We have 6.5 million in public and product liability insurance, and 13 million in employers' liability insurance. Engineers with Drones are fully insured to fly wherever you need.

Based in Ireland

As we're situated in Ireland, we can respond to your needs quickly, with zero travel complications.

First-class deliverables

As seasoned engineers in the field, we are aware of the trouble that shoddy reports and deliverables can create. For this reason, we provide you with exactly what you require.

Quick turnaround times

Thanks to our fast turnaround times, your entire project can be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, without any compromise in the quality of your deliverables.

4K and VR Footage

In addition to quadrupling the resolution of an HD camera, 4K also gives you quicker frame rates, incredible contrast variations, and expanded colours. VR video takes the level of immersion and clarity to the next level.

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