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A confined space drone inspection being carried out

Confined Space Drone Inspections

Indoor, underground and confined space drone inspections in Ireland.

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Confined space inspections without the risk

By their nature, confined and underground spaces are dangerous to inspect. Left unattended, they are equally hazardous. Engineers with Drones perform confined space drone inspections with the purpose built confined space drone. Capturing instant and actionable data, to ensure the functionality and safety of your asset.

Why Use A Drone For Confined Space Surveys?

Improved safety:

Confined space drone inspections eliminate the need for human entry into hazardous spaces, reducing the risk of injury or death from accidents, falls, or exposure to harmful substances.

Increased efficiency:

Drones can cover more ground and reach difficult-to-access areas much faster than human inspectors, increasing the speed and accuracy of inspections.


Confined space drone inspections can save money by reducing the need for expensive safety equipment and minimizing the time and effort required for traditional inspections.

Enhanced data collection:

Drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras can capture high-quality images and data from hard-to-reach areas, providing more detailed and accurate information than traditional inspections.

Real-time analysis:

Drone inspections can transmit data in real-time, allowing inspectors to quickly identify potential problems or safety hazards and take immediate action.

Environmental benefits:

Drones are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional inspection methods, reducing emissions and minimizing disruption to wildlife habitats and natural environments.

What can confined space drone inspections detect?

Safety Issues

Quickly locate all current and potential safety issues in otherwise hard-to-reach or invisible areas.

Insulation Issues

Identify and document any section of your confined asset that may be suffering from an insulation defect.

Structure Status

Get instant and actionable data on the current status of your asset's fixtures, fittings and structure.

Erosion Detection

Locate and record current or potential areas suffering from erosion damage. Without risking worker safety.

Real-World Measurements

Measure real-world distances and volumes within confined space assets instantly and accurately.


Find delamination in concrete structures with little to no downtime. Quick, reliable and cost-effective.

Indoor drone inspections

Indoor drone inspections offer a range of benefits over traditional inspection methods. They can significantly reduce the risk of injury to human inspectors, particularly in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas. Drones can easily access tight spaces, especially at height, providing you with a thorough and detailed inspection without endangering personnel.

Additionally, drones can complete inspections much more quickly than humans, saving time and reducing costs. No need to bring in extensive scaffolding or platforms. They can capture high-resolution images and video footage, enabling inspectors to identify potential issues and areas of concern with greater accuracy.

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