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A land surveyor flying a drone during a drone survey mission

Drone Surveys

We capture high-quality aerial images of your land. Our UAV surveys can be used for 2D and 3D land mapping, topographical surveys, and more.

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Drone surveys give greater clarity in less time at a lower cost.

Whether you're inspecting an existing asset or surveying land to build a new one, drones can give you accurate, actionable and cost-effective data in minimal time. Dangerous or hard-to-reach structures and terrain pose no problems at all. And, even on the busiest working sites, there is little or no downtime. Best of all, every aspect of your survey will be conducted by an experienced, qualified engineer who speaks your language.

What are you looking for?

What is a drone survey, exactly?

A drone survey delivers similar (albeit more accurate) results to a traditional land or property survey. The main difference is that the process is conducted from above using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or 'drone'. Photographing and measuring the terrain from multiple angles, our drones take thousands of highly accurate measurements before tagging the resulting images with coordinates. Using this data, we use specialist software to produce high-resolution maps, geo-referenced orthomosaics or 3D models.

What can a drone survey do for me?

Digitally remove vegetation

Want to know the topography of your project area without trees and vegetation? We can do that for you using LIDAR.

Easily calculate volume

Want to know the volume of a stockpile, landfill or spoil tip? Our drones can calculate it quickly and accurately. No more guesswork, no more expensive underestimates and miscalculations.

Map underground infrastructure

Using ground penetrating radar (GPR), we can detect and map subsurface infrastructures such as utilities and power lines. This data can be used to keep large-scale construction projects timely, safe and financially predictable.

Plan future urban development

Overlay drone images with drawings of planned buildings and infrastructure. Then use the resulting aerial map to show how existing urban spaces will be affected or enhanced by the proposed development.

Monitor crop & forestry health

Use multispectral imaging we can detect tiny variations in plant health even before visible symptoms appear. Multispectral images can reveal small reductions in a plant's chlorophyll content well before the leaves start to turn yellow.

Produce your own private "Google Earth"

Imagine your own private "Google Earth" but with much better quality and in a much higher definition. That's what a drone can give you in the form of orthosmosaic imagery: ultra-detailed, ultra-accurate images of large project areas. Orthosmosaic images are geo-referenced like a map but have the real-world appearance of a hi-res photograph.

Monitor slopes & unstable surfaces

Use a drone to calculate and monitor the slope of unstable surfaces for the mitigation and prevention of slippages and landslides.

What are the benefits of a drone survey?

Reduce time in the field

Surveys conducted by drones are much faster than traditional, land-based methods and require less manpower.

No risk to your assets

Our equipment won't touch or even go close to your assets. Our high-resolution cameras use optical zoom to give extreme close-up views while staying a safe distance away.

Quick turnaround

We understand that you need answers fast. We can deliver a plain-English report with clear-cut conclusions in days. Then, you can take the steps you need to and get back to doing what you do best.


The safety of your personnel and our own is paramount, and we place it at the forefront of our company culture. Ask us about our HSSE systems and practices.

LIDAR image of a land survey showing the elevations

LIDAR Surveys


Digitise any landscape. Get an ultra-accurate 3D Map of even the most challenging and hard-to-reach terrain. Reveal the true contours of your landscape, stripping away vegetation and unearthing obscured features such as power lines. LIDAR gives you crystal-clear results, even in difficult lighting and weather conditions.

LIDAR Surveys
A drone with an RTK station heading off on a photogrammetry mission


Create a 3D model

Digitise any asset or landscape. With photogrammetry, turn just about anything into an ultra-detailed 3D model or 'twin'. A large, hard-to-reach or even hazardous object in the field becomes instantly accessible from any angle to everyone in the team.

A wind turbine in high-resolution as seen from above

4K Images & Video

Drone Photography

In addition to quadrupling the resolution of an HD camera, 4K also gives you quicker frame rates, incredible contrast variations, and expanded colours. VR video takes the level of immersion and clarity to the next level.

Images & Video

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