A drone services operator performing drone inspections on a pylon in Ireland

Engineers with Drones

Drone inspections and surveys in Ireland. If you have a building, bridge, roof, tower or other assets, our experienced engineers can inspect it.

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Expert eyes in the sky

We are an experienced drone services company based in Ireland. Piloted by experienced professionals, our state-of-the-art drone equipment offers unique access to almost any external or internal space or asset. As qualified engineers, we also offer the experience, insights and knowledge required to conduct a safe and thorough inspection with deliverables to match. Our experienced engineers are standing by.

A lattice bridge structure being inspected by a drone


Drone Inspections

The field of photography has been changed by drones' ability to take pictures from many angles. The time has come to stop flying manned aircraft, erecting awkward support structures and putting lives in danger. Engineers with Drones have made getting high-quality aerial imagery as easy as picking up the phone.

Drone Inspections
A drone-generated map of land showing the variations in height

Aerial Surveys

Drone Surveys

Conventional land surveying involves a lot of man-hours in the field walking a grid pattern. With drones, the field time is a fraction of what it was before. Now we can efficiently map large pieces of land in a day. A single drone operator can quickly generate orthophotos, topographical maps, DEMs, DTMs and more saving you time and money.

Surveys by engineers
An image of a water tank taken with a thermal camera

Thermal imaging

Drone Thermography

Typically, the source of water damage, heat loss, cold spots, etc, is not immediately apparent, and can often be totally invisible to the human eye. Using drones equipped with thermal imaging capabilities allows you to uncover these flaws while saving time and money, and avoiding disastrous repercussions.

Thermal Imaging

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