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Drone tower inspection Drone tower survey

Drone inspections & surveys of high value tower assets

Drone inspections and surveys are a great solution for tall and complex structures such as towers. A highly specialist approach is required to inspect them. Using state-of-the-art industrial inspection drone technology, Engineers With Drones offers visual inspections of tower assets. We capture footage and data from previously impossible angles in significantly less time compared to traditional methods. Keeping your staff safe, while inspecting at a faster rate and reduced cost. All this without disruption to your operations.

A section of a tower captured during a UAV inspection.

From storm response to pre-climb flights or regular scheduled inspections, our experienced pilots will work directly with you to provide the actionable data you need.

How we can provide assistance

The inspection of tower structures and tall chimneys using traditional methods can be very dangerous. It is also time-consuming and labour-intensive. Not only does it involve asset downtime and working long hours in dangerous environments, but also unproductive gaps between data collection and feedback.

Using drones to get a better overview of the status of your tower

Resolving break-downs, detecting abnormalities and carrying out routine inspections, all become more streamlined and efficient with the use of drones. Our drones reach heights and angles that are simply not possible using structural assistance. We can also record footage from a distance, or get right up next to a mast or tower without causing any disruption. Multiple angles and distances allow for a clearer understanding of your assets’ condition. All this can be achieved without the time constraints of erecting structural assistance, giving you the information you need instantly.

Different kinds of towers we can inspect:

Quick turnaround of reports and detailed information

Faster reports and diagnosis mean quicker implementation of fixes with savings made in the short and long-term. The zoom capabilities of our cameras mean that, even from a distance, the quality of the image recorded is of super-high detail.

Regular inspections

It is important to perform inspections of your tower assets on a routine basis. This is to ensure they are structurally safe for maintenance personnel and the public. Inspections using drones are a proven low-cost way to help gather vital information to help prioritise and plan maintenance activities.

Pre-climb flight

A pre-climb drone inspection will optimise your technicians' time. It will not only identify potential climbing and safety issues but also the right tools needed for any repairs. This not only reduces the risk to maintenance teams by avoiding multiple dangerous climbs but also the overall cost.

Storm and Damage assessment

We perform fast visual inspection of towers to determine the status of the structure and cabling after a storm. Our status report will help you prioritise the needed repairs.

Our Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we fly the latest cutting edge drones. Our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform. Drones such as the DJI M300 and payloads such as the Zenmuse H20T with high optical zoom lenses are optimal for safely inspecting high-value assets at a stand-off range.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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