A photo of a load of industrial chimneys taken with a drone

Industrial Chimney Inspection The most damage prone areas of chimneys are the hardest to see from the ground. Drones allow for a precise inspection from a safe distance.

Inspect stacks fast, with minimal downtime

Industrial chimney flues deal with hazardous materials, and deteriorate gradually over time. Regular inspection is a proactive form of maintenance, catching many problems before they worsen. Drones are a fast, cost-effective form of maintenance - inspecting from a safe distance with zero interference to the structure itself. Engineers With Drones have the industry experience required to pinpoint areas of degradation, and compile information into concise, actionable reports.

Allow a professional to do the inspecting for you

There are many wear-prone areas of a chimney stack (also known as smoke stacks). There are also many causes for wear. Having knowledge of all of these aspects is key to delivering a comprehensive inspection. As engineers, we understand what to look for when inspecting industrial chimneys, and where to look for it.

Saving time before, during, and after inspection

We perform visual inspections of both inside and outside the chimney, without the need for scaffolding or climbing equipment. Inspections are faster, and more efficient, reducing the downtime of the stack and allowing production to restart sooner rather than later.

All personnel stay on the ground when using drones to inspect. When the need to climb is removed, there’s less that can go wrong. Less risk means less paperwork, saving you time both before and after the inspection.

Clear, concise reports

We use a high resolution camera to perform our inspections, allowing us to stay back from the chimney and avoid causing further damage - which is a real risk during manned inspection. High definition, detailed images are captured of any areas of irregularity on the stack - both inside and outside. These are then compiled into clear reports with a full run down of the data we collect.

The entire chimney stack is inspected. We look for cracks, discolouration, and corrosion to the interior of the stack. The inside of a stack is most susceptible to corrosion, and requires a much different inspection to the outside. In tight spaces, we use a collision - avoidant drone to prevent damage to the stack. There is no need to put people’s life at risk by having them enter the stack. This inspection is entirely done by drone, with a live video feed available to you at the ground.

Less labour, less downtime

Inspecting the outside of a chimney stack requires less labour, materials, and downtime than common methods. Although our drone stays far back from the structure, we still capture high quality and detailed images. We provide clear data of any damage to ducts, ventilation, and the structure itself, allowing you to make the right repair at the right time.

Damage is not always found on chimney stacks. Often, inspections will show that everything is in good working order. In this case, sending a climber up the chimney to make repairs is not required, meaning a drone is sufficient for the entire “maintenance” process.

IAA Certified

We are fully accredited by the Irish Aviation Authority to the latest European wide EASA regulations.

Fully Insured

We hold 13m employers liability insurance and 6.5m public & products liability Insurance.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced engineers with strong technical backgrounds.

Ireland Based

We are based in Ireland which means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Our Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we fly the latest cutting edge drones. Our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform. Drones such as the DJI M300 and payloads such as the Zenmuse H20T with high optical zoom lenses are optimal for safely inspecting high-value assets at a stand-off range.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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