A drone performing a wind turbine inspection

Drone Energy Inspection Optimize efficiency and safety of your energy operation by carrying out regular drone energy inspections

Energy Inspections with minimal downtime

In the energy sector, from off-shore oil platforms to renewable energy and electrical power lines there is a constant demand and need for maintenance surveys and inspections. Drones are drastically changing inspection and routine maintenance of energy-generating equipment and operations. Drone energy inspections are faster, safer, and more cost effective while also delivering better value. The data captured by our drones will give energy companies better actionable insights into enabling them to make smarter decisions.

Locate Malfunctions and Inefficiencies Faster

Aerial drone surveys are quickly becoming an unmissable part of maintenance and inspection. Traditional inspections methods can be time consuming, put your team at risk and require for your asset to be shut down. Energy assets can often be hard to reach and require rope access at height. The special equipment and team needed to carry out these inspections are costly and require a lot of paperwork. Drone energy inspections give you data from vantage points unattainable with the traditional method in a safer, faster and more efficient way. It also has the advantage of being more cost effective as no shutdown is required and abnormalities are detected early. This gives you the time to deal with it, before it turns into a disaster.

Inspection in the energy sector sometimes may need to be carried out underwater and in confined spaces. Engineer With Drones provides a solution for these inspections with submersible drones and specialised equipment and can also reach off-shore platforms.

Solar arrays collecting energy from the sun

    Energy sectors we cover:

  • Solar panel inspection
  • Power grid inspection
  • Cell tower inspection
  • Oil & gas
  • Wind turbines
  • Thermal imaging
  • Flare tip inspection
IAA Certified

We are fully accredited by the Irish Aviation Authority to the latest European wide EASA regulations.

Fully Insured

We hold 13m employers liability insurance and 6.5m public & products liability Insurance.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced engineers with strong technical backgrounds.

Ireland Based

We are based in Ireland which means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Our Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we fly the latest cutting edge drones. Our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform. Drones such as the DJI M300 and payloads such as the Zenmuse H20T with high optical zoom lenses are optimal for safely inspecting high-value assets at a stand-off range.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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