A photo of a water tower taken by a drone during an inspection

Water Tower Inspection UAV inspections of water towers are replacing time-consuming manned climbs. Streamline your next inspection.

Inspect with UAVs faster, safer, and more efficiently

Water towers must be in good condition to avoid contamination of the water inside. Climbing the towers can be time consuming and dangerous. Drones are an efficient and precise way of inspecting towers. We gather high quality data about your tower and compile it into clear, actionable reports.

Avoid unnecessary climbs and streamline the inspection process

There are inherent risks when asking someone to climb tall water towers. Although dangerous, it’s essential that water towers are inspected, as entire communities rely on them to get clean water. Drones are a winning strategy to tackle these inspections. Removing the need to climb, drones capture all the important details of a water tower with significantly less risks than a manned inspection. Less risk means less paperwork, saving you time before and after the inspection.

Often, inspections show that everything is in good working order. When there are no problems, no personnel is required at the inspection site. Meaning a drone is sufficient for the entire “maintenance” process - rendering manned climbs completely unnecessary.

Comprehensive inspections without compromising on quality

As engineers, we know what to look for when inspecting. Every tower requires a tailored approach. As well as visually assessing the exterior structure for defects such as cracks, dents, and rust, we make sure to check all components of the structure. Overflow pipes, vents, and ladders as essential to a properly functioning tower.

Although our drone never makes contact with the structure, no detail is lost. Our drone is equipped with a high resolution camera that allows safe inspection, with first-rate deliverables.

A water tower being inspected bya  drone

We verify ventilation is clear and well maintained to regulate water pressure. Screening measures (caps, wire mesh, etc.) are assessed to confirm that contaminants can’t enter the tower.

IAA Certified

We are fully accredited by the Irish Aviation Authority to the latest European wide EASA regulations.

Fully Insured

We hold 13m employers liability insurance and 6.5m public & products liability Insurance.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced engineers with strong technical backgrounds.

Ireland Based

We are based in Ireland which means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Our Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we fly the latest cutting edge drones. Our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform. Drones such as the DJI M300 and payloads such as the Zenmuse H20T with high optical zoom lenses are optimal for safely inspecting high-value assets at a stand-off range.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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