A photo of a storage tank being inspected by a drone

Drone Inspection of Tanks, Silos and Vessels Drone inspections and surveys of tanks and silos all for safer, faster, more detailed reporting.

Faster and more efficient inspections

The traditional inspection and surveying of tanks and silos is a slow and costly operation. Today, drones have revolutionized the process. Tanks and silos can be inspected inside and out in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost, with minimum asset downtime. Engineers With Drones tailors your inspection so the deliverables are exactly what you asked for.

Regular inspections can be done by drone, faster than common methods

Depending on local regulations, tanks and silos need to be inspected every five to 10 years. In the past, these inspections meant that the asset would have to be accessed by rope, cranes or scaffolding. It also meant there was a risk for the people working at heights in confined spaces, and the risk of contamination and damage caused by objects or tools falling into the tanks during inspections.

We complete your inspection much faster than common methods allow. Ensuring you get the information you need, with as little obstacles as possible.

Detect abnormalities before they worsen

Maintenance of tanks will always pose the same problems, whether it's LNG tanks, fresh water tanks, or oil storage tanks; corrosion, weather damage and general wear and tear. Thanks to advances in drone technology, the detection and solution to these issues have become a whole lot easier, faster and safer.

Using the latest technology, our drones can identify areas of thermal abnormalities and cold spots in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, without the labour and time-intensive need for cranes, rope or scaffolding. Our drones allow endless possibilities when it comes to angles and perspectives of your assets, all recorded in crystal clear high-definition.

A photo of a confined space inside a vessel being inspected by a drone

Engineers with Drones' pilots are all fully licensed and certified.

Together we can create a detailed flight plan to ensure data is collected efficiently and safely.

IAA Certified

We are fully accredited by the Irish Aviation Authority to the latest European wide EASA regulations.

Fully Insured

We hold 13m employers liability insurance and 6.5m public & products liability Insurance.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced engineers with strong technical backgrounds.

Ireland Based

We are based in Ireland which means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Our Confined Space Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we use the cutting edge Flyability Elios 2 inspection drone for confined and limited access and underground inspections. All our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform.

Flyability Elios 2

The confined space master: The Elios 2 by Flyability is the state fo the art in indoor and confined space inspection drone technology. Why send a person into a hazardous location when a drone can just as easily do it and at a fraction fo the cost and down time. The Elios 2 is designed from the ground up to get into tight spaces and hard to reach places.

  • Collision proof so you can fly it as you please
  • GPS free stabilisation for control in all locations
  • Full HD live streaming for clear vision
  • Oblique lighting for accurate and clear data capture
  • 40 cm ball diameter to fit into standard manholes and hatches
  • Distance Lock capability for smooth and accurate feature flying
  • 12.3 Megapixel 1/2.3” sensor
  • 4k / 3840x2160px at 30 fps video recording
  • 160x120px Radiometric Thermal Camera
A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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