A photo taken by a drone of rooftop solar panel's during an inspection

Rooftop Solar Panel Inspections Inspecting your Solar PV with drones helps to keep them running at maximum efficiency

Ensure your panels are working perfectly

Rooftop Solar Panels can be a smart investment, or a costly liability. Poorly installed or functioning panels can even damage your roof. Drone inspections are a low risk, no fuss way of confirming your panels are in great condition, and giving you their maximum energy output. Engineers With Drones visually assess your panels' condition, giving you peace of mind of their safety.

Regular inspection is essential to longevity

Solar PV are a worthwhile investment, but unnoticed damage reduces their efficiency over time, shrinking your savings. Regular inspection and maintenance of rooftop solar panels is essential to their longevity. Investing in good maintenance practices can ensure they last the intended lifecycle, up to 20 or 30 years. Not doing so can cost you money, and cause loss of power.

Solar Panels are generally sturdy. Inspections find issues about 10-20% of the time, meaning it's not always necessary to have a human present at the point of inspection. 80-90% of the time, a drone is enough for the entire 'maintenance' process.

Catch minor issues before they become significant

Incorrectly installed solar panels can cause damage to themselves and your roof. We inspect the mounting system, and the surrounding area for issues. Hanging wires rub against the roof, and timely intervention stops wires wearing through. Poor wiring also puts you at risk of fire damage.

Small cracks or dirty areas on your solar panel can reduce the amount of light that's absorbed. Noticing this early ensures your panel is getting as much light as possible. Ignored damage on your solar panel increases the chance of a larger crack forming over time. Drone inspections allow you to catch these early, and repair rather than replace.

Drone inspection avoids unnecessary risks

Current inspection methods require someone to climb on your property. This poses a risk of falling, as well as damage to your roof. Burns and electrocution are dangers to anyone interacting with poorly wired panels. Drone inspections reduce the risks, without compromising on detail.

Rooftop solar panels on a house taken inspected by a drone

    At high temperatures, solar panels become less efficient. Defects can cause them to break down, or cause damage to the surrounding area. We use thermal imaging cameras to detect heat variations and hot spots from a distance. Catching defects early minimises the risk of breakdowns.

Property Owners and Engineers With Drones

As well as inspecting solar panels, we can assist with other property inspections.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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