A photo of industrial infrastructure taken with a drone during an inspection

Industrial Inspection Drones streamline site and machinery inspection in industrial facilities. Pharma, Manufacturing, food production, refineries - we have services for all and more.

Regular inspections proactively reduce downtime

Industrial sites cover large areas, and have many moving parts within it. Machinery must work flawlessly to keep production running. Manual inspection is slow, complicated, and causes unnecessary downtime. Drones are a cost efficient and simple way to perform both routine and ad hoc inspections. Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and all other industrial sites can be inspected efficiently with drones.

No extra equipment needed for hard-to-reach areas

In large warehouses and factories, there are many things to be inspected. Large ceilings and hard-to-reach areas are difficult to access and inspect. Drones make this simple, reaching high areas with ease with no need to climb or risk of falling. Monitoring hard-to-reach areas reduces the risk of loose equipment falling. Pharma and food production facilities are at risk of contamination by falling objects. Proactive inspections save money by ensuring everything stays where it should.

Less paperwork is needed to send a drone in a dangerous situation than a human. Not only does this make drones safer, it also saves you time before and after inspection.

Cover large areas in less time

Pipe and rack monitoring is more efficient when using drones. Walking along pipe to visually assess and check for leaks is time-consuming. Drones fly quickly over pipes and confirm there are no leaks or damage. Our inspections are fast, without compromising on quality or safety. Humans can get tired and make mistakes - drones do not.

We inspect confined spaces with the same ease as open areas. Tanks and vessels are inspected both inside and outside. Fast drone inspections mean less downtime, allowing production to restart ASAP.

Industrial machinery inspection includes...

A photo of industrial construction infrastructure taken with a drone
  • Pressure vessels
  • Fridge containers
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipes and racks
  • Production Lines
  • And more

External as well as Internal - inspected with no need for scaffolding

We complete an entire building inspection without scaffolding or climbing equipment. As engineers, we are familiar with industrial machinery. Different components require different approaches. No two sites are the same, and we consider all needs when planning inspection.

We use a thermographic camera to inspect roofs and building exteriors. Heat irregularities are indicative of poor insulation and heat leaks. Thermography is used to inspect live flare stacks, allowing them to remain operational while we inspect.

Processing plants, manufacturing facilities, refineries, and factories impact the environment if operating poorly. A comprehensive inspection alerts you to any hazards inside or outside the building.

Industrial Facilities and Engineers With Drones

We provide inspection services across all machinery, external and internal.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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