A photo of an agricultural field taken with a drone

Forestry and Agricultural Drone Services Farm, Forest, or Environmental Sectors - Drones inspect larger areas in less time.

Improve your yield using more information in less time

Environmental sectors deal with large surface areas. Forestry or Agricultural services need days or weeks to be set aside to get the information you need. Drones get this information in a fraction of the time taken by a person. Even in difficult to reach agricultural areas, or dense forests, we supply you with high quality, actionable data.

Drones in Agriculture and Farming

Drones are used in all areas of agriculture. Land planning, livestock care, crop monitoring, and infrastructure inspection are more efficient. Engineers With Drones can assist in inspections through all stages - saving you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

More Informed Planning

Time spent on planning repays its benefits year after year. An up to date and detailed aerial view of your land is priceless. Outdated methods of getting this information are slow-moving and costly. We capture these images for you in a fraction of the time, allowing you to plan with confidence and progress to the next stage.

Clear images simplify planning roads and access points, and help you use land efficiently. Up-to-date images prove invaluable in boundary disputes. Our topographical maps of your land makes it easier to plan drainage and irrigation. Knowing the lay of the land helps you to irrigate more efficiently, and avoid flooding. We do this in a single flight, streamlining the process.

Reduce Crop Failure

Aerial footage shows variations in health and density unseen from the human viewpoint. Efficiency in inspecting allows more frequent crop monitoring. Our drone is equipped with a high resolution camera, capturing detailed images without putting crops at risk. Intervention before health is poor enough to be visible from the ground often saves entire areas of crops from failure.

Multispectral imaging gives information on plant health, and can identify pests or disease. Fertilising is also more efficient when you can pinpoint where it's needed. Multispectral imaging allows us to see pests and disease before the situation is bad enough to be obvious.

How can Drones be used in Forestry?

We help make forest planning easier. Getting a lay of the land first is essential - long term crops need access for years after planting. Using the land efficiently can make access easier at all stages of the forest lifecycle.

Birds' Eye View of the Entire Area

Dense forests cause visibility issues. Aerial views of forestry gives a better perspective, and a clear vantage point of the area. Planning road, access points, and walkways is simple when the need to physically navigate the area is removed.

Aerial photography of trees shows variation in health and density. Issues unseen from a human perspective are made clear when you move above the tree line. After storms and damaging events, drone photography makes damage clear and quickly addressed.

Monitor the Health of your Forest

Multi-spectral imaging gives insights on the health of individual trees, and the entire forest. Pinpointing areas which require fertiliser allows you to focus your efforts where it's needed. Drones detect disease and pests earlier than the human eye. Intervention can be made before the problem is bad enough to be visible, saving trees at risk of failing.

A photo of a forrest taken with a drone
    LiDar in forestry gives a 3D visualisation of the entire area. Forest inventory is more precise, helping to accurately estimate the yield.

Environmental Sectors and Engineers With Drones

We assist with inspecting in farming, forestry, agriculture, and all other environmental sectors.

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