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Construction Drone Services Aerial Photography, Site Planning, and Progress Reports with Drones. All for the Construction Sector

Monitor & record your project’s progress from the sky.

Drone deployments are fast becoming the standard within the construction sector. Allowing for a multitude of tasks to become more cost-efficient, faster and more detailed. From inspections to surveys, mapping, modelling, project management, safety audits and everything in between. Drones are no longer the future of the construction industry, they are the present and are becoming more essential every day. Engineers with Drones provide hassle-free drone construction inspections. We take care of all the inspection safety measures and will provide you with high quality deliverables.

IAA Certified

We are fully accredited by the Irish Aviation Authority to the latest European wide EASA regulations.

Fully Insured

We hold 13m employers liability insurance and 6.5m public & products liability Insurance.

Experienced Engineers

We are experienced engineers with strong technical backgrounds.

Ireland Based

We are based in Ireland which means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Drones provide valuable data for making insightful decisions

Our drone service allows construction workers, property owners, and other stakeholders to make more insightful decisions, faster. The cost-effective nature of drones makes them the ideal way to survey, inspect and map the construction progress. Cut down on man-hours, cover more ground in less time and get instant access to cutting-edge analysis. Using drones, we will provide a complete overview of the construction site within a few hours.

From the very beginning of a development, the use of drones will allow you to:
Optimise your operations

Regardless of the scale and size of a construction project, drones are fast becoming an essential tool. From a stand-alone house, shopping centres, apartment blocks to an entire estate. The accuracy, speed, and efficiency of our drone service offer the perfect cost-saving solutions. Project managers get real-time information and a more productive workload.

The use of drones throughout the whole construction cycle

Drone data is so versatile that it can be useful during all stages of the construction process. From the planning stage, to project process monitoring and showcasing your project. The application possibilities of drones in the construction sector are plenty.

Before breaking ground

During the planning process, our drones can be deployed to take 360° degree landscape footage for use in the analysis and creation of applications. Drones allow this first stage to become more streamlined, saving both time and money, while also giving the project a slicker, more professional presentation.

Given the unlimited angles and perspectives afforded by drones, site planning becomes much more accurate. As different elements within the site can be viewed to show their true height and scale, the precision of the planning becomes more clinical, cutting down on time spent retrofitting omissions, correcting mistakes and general do-overs.

Topographical surveys can help prevent damage to your resources and materials. Even gradual slopes in the land can put your site at risk of flooding during heavy rains. We get a visualisation of your site’s landscape, and identify problem areas.Materials, offices, and access points can be placed away from risk areas, and out of harm's way.

A vital first step in any undertaking, this allows you to make the best choices when planning your site. This is an opportunity for you to avoid damage to resources, and ensure the project comes out under budget.

Site progress monitoring

During the construction phase, regular site surveys and inspections are essential. Gathering data on general progress, stockpiles, purchases needed and worker's safety are just a few of the ever-changing elements that need to be constantly recorded and adjusted. With our drone services every aspect of site monitoring is accounted for, without the need for people on the ground, which can be expensive and cumbersome. Or without the need for a manned vehicle fly-over, which can be time and money consuming.

Drones have applications beyond images. They are used as a tool to calculate measurements. The data we collect is accurate and can be used to calculate height, length, area, and volume measurements. In the office, you can make informed decisions with our deliverables on hand, removing the need make a trip back to the site. We perform stockpile volume measurements to ensure your inventory is always up-to-date.

Showcasing your build

When it comes to presenting your project, at the planning application stage, during the construction, or after completion, drone footage can really help to give it the visuals it deserves. Whether you're showing potential buyers or stakeholders, the limitless angles and high-definition drone footage will help increase the "Wow Factor" of your presentations.

Our Drone Capability

Here at Engineers With Drones we fly the latest cutting edge drones. Our UAV's are selected specifically for the tasks they perform. Drones such as the DJI M300 and payloads such as the Zenmuse H20T with high optical zoom lenses are optimal for safely inspecting high-value assets at a stand-off range.

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A DJI M300 RTK inspection drone for wind turbines

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